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In the growing industry of modified cars, it is important to choose the right company that will meet your requirements as a customer. Having been a customer himself, K realised that there was a lack of quality custom shops. He used several bodyshops to build his first cover car and felt that none of them met his needs.

The decision was made to set up Type K Styling Ltd in June 2002. The company started small and very soon built a strong reputation. Within two years the company had created 4 magazine covers and increased in size substantially. A reputation was gained for producing high quality work with the ability to produce something different.

Within a short space of time, it was clear that the company had outgrown its premises and name, and with that the decision was made to move into new state-of-the-art and change the name to Xquisite Automotive Ltd.

It was strongly felt that the original name was not apt for the company and to allow expansion it needed to be refreshing and descriptive. Xquisite Automotive Ltd unveiled its first company project car at Max Power Live 2005. The BMW M3 on 22”s was voted best modified BMW in Europe and went on to win Best Interior at the show. The car also appeared on a total of 6 magazine covers across Europe.

In 2007 the company moved into larger, more state-of-the-art premises, in a more central location. With the move it became apparent that high quality work was becoming more of a priority. The change in the industry allowed the company to use this to its advantage by providing the highest quality products and workmanship. The techniques and equipment were also changed to meet the industry demands. Alongside this came a very up to date website giving the consumer all the information they need. The advanced website and marketing strategy that was put into place is still said to be ahead of its game and revolutionary.

Xquisite Covers
Xquisite Automotive

The company carried on from strength to strength with a current total of over 30 magazine covers worldwide, and many awards. The company’s aim was to produce high quality work and offer customers the opportunity to build the car of their dreams; undertaking work that many other companies have said can’t be done. Customers receive the individuality that is very important in the current modified car industry.

The goal to become a high quality “one stop shop” is nearing completion and the next step for Xquisite is to expand into Europe and become the true “Kings of Customs”.

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