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Lambos, suicide, gull wing or butterfly….they’ve all been done but now Xquisite have gone one further and delivered some horizontal slide units. Trick as f**k.”

Slim Jules, Fast Car magazine
Xquisite, they are more than craftsman, they are masters!”

Josué Chevrel, GTI Magazine France

"The 28 year old from Surrey is the man behind a company that has constantly pushed boundaries with the cars they create, like BMW Compact on 22" wheels, snakeskin covered Saxos, and Peugeot 206s wearing Veilside 350z bodykits. A regular face at car shows accross the country (when he isn't recovering from Redbull fueled all nighters in the workshop), K has become a stalwart of the scene and his company and their work have gained the respect amoungst modifiers throughout the country, and even through Europe."

Andy Mills, Performance & Styling Magazine

People said I should just give up; that the car would never make the cover. It had gone through five different stages at this point and it seemed that a cover was out of reach, but then i visited Xquisite Automotive”

Iain Maple, Peugeot 206

"I paid a visit to the Xquisite boys after a recommendation from my friend Marky. I must say, K was an absolute diamond. He gave a lot of time to focus on the specifics of the design I wanted and even offered my various bits of advice for additions to my car."

Kurt Knight, Honda Civic

"I went to Xquisite after having my car resprayed by a previous body shop which took forever and within 3 months of road use the front was chipped really badly. K and his team got right to work, smoothing the front plastic bumper, fitting a new front slam panel, rolling my arches and smoothing holes in my carbon bonnet. All within one week, and the workmanship was spot on, with the bumper being flush and the colour matching spot on. A professional and friendly service, who work to the time scales they set out, and do really know their stuff."

Elliot Richards, Ford Focus

"I have been a customer of Xquisite for many many years and there is no one else I would trust with my cars. Whether it be painting a splitter on my Smart Fortwo or a headlight conversion on my Fiesta, the work has always been top notch, and I would highly recommend them to anyone for both crash repair work or bodywork modifications. I have also had the pleasure of working for Xquisite as a photographer and I am always astounded at the quality of cars to roll out of the doors. The hardest part of my job is to make them look as good in photos as they do in the metal!

Jay McLaughlin, Professional Photographer

Two cover cars, trickest mod award and best styled car award. Can't argue with that! Over the past 12 months we've seen more stunning creations from Xquisite than any other place out there”

Mark Riccioni, Max Power Magazine
Okay, now we’re talking. This is what its all about for K, having the balls to be different.”

Dav Lewis
, Redline Magazine
If BMW were to make an M3 on 22s, that’s exactly how it would be.”

Adrian Ripp, CEO R-Tec

Xquisite MR2 Turbo - Nick Turner (Interview)

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