- Paint -

- Scratch removal
- Panel paintwork
- Paint correction
- Same colour respray
- Colour change respray
- Kandy’s, Flips and Pearls
- Custom airbrushing
- Custom graphics
- Custom colours
- Multi-tone resprays
- Wheel refurbishment
- Pin striping

- Preparation and Prime -

A common problem we have seen from other body shops is sinkage of the base and clear coat. At Xquisite, we ensure the panel work is prepared to the highest standard before using a high build primer. Another urban myth is to use many coats of high build primer, this is in fact very wrong! A maximum of 2 – 3 coats of high build primer should be used as any more will allow the primer to sink and move. By preparing the panel to the highest level, the primer can be left to do its job rather than try to hide scratches in a poorly prepped panel.


- Waterbased Compliant Systyem -

Due to recent legislation all bodyshops have become compliant. This means the usage of a compliant waterbased paint scheme and compliant primer and clear products. There are many benefits to these products which include non-reaction of basecoats, better colour matching, and ultra high solid clear (high scratch and stone chip resistance). Here at Xquisite we currently use Max Meyer and Nexa Autocolour compliant products.

- House of Kolor -

Xquisite are proud to be House of Kolor approved. There are many benefits to using House of Kolor products:

- Full system available
House of Kolor offers a complete paint system, right the way through from prep and cleaning to top coat. These products are all designed to work together to provide you with a show stopping finish, with no reactions or paint blemishes.

- Show stopping colours
House of Kolor offer an almost endless variety of colours, from glamour metallics to Kandys. These products can be custom mixed to provide one off colours. The vast range of basecoats and topcoats can be chopped and changed to guarantee you a completely unique colour.

- Double clear coat
This is a system that involves clearcoating the vehicle using UC35 clear, reflatting the entire vehicle and reclearing using UFC35 clear. This guarentees a glass finish on the entire vehicle including doorshuts and is well known to be one of the most sort after finishes available.

To see the full range of colours and products, please visit www.houseofkolor.co.uk

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