- Upholstery -

- Seat repairs
- Re-connolisation
- Seat re-trims
- Seat re-foaming
- Door card re-trims
- Dashboard re-trims
- A, B, C-pillar re-trims
- Custom carpet installation
- Steering wheel re-trims
- Gear and Handbrake gaitors
- ICE install re-trims
- Custom stitching
- Custom embroidery
- Custom seat sub-frames
- Custom seat fabrication
- Colour coded seat belts
- Roll cage re-trims
- Exterior panel re-trims

- How we do it -

- Andrew Muirhead Leather
Andrew Muirhead are one of the finest suppliers of leather to the automotive trade. The quality of their product and the range of colours allow us to provide you with an interior to match your exterior. Used by some of the best re-trimmers in the country we are now proud to supply these products. For more information please visit www.muirhead.co.uk

- Vinyls & Special Effects
We are now able to offer a large variety of vinyls and special effect materials. From a simple black vinyl through to ostrich print effect vinyl. You can now choose something a lot more personal for your interior. A vast range of samples is available to view at our premesis.

- Twin Stitching
The quality of your interior will greatly depend on the type of stitching used. At Xquisite we can offer twin stitching which you will find in most prestige vehicles. We can also use the twin stitching to create patterns and effects in your chosen material, for example the very popular "quilting" effect.

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